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Software Information:
Internet Explorer 6+
PHP 5.0
MySQL 4.3
This application was developed for the use of children between the ages 5 to 10. It is a Flash application which uses a PHP extension to connect to the server and retreive data.

Using the whiteboard software, 2 or 3 users can connect to the same board and draw together. The object drawn by one user are visible to the other two in real time.

The tools menu includes a pen, shape , stamp and line tool, and also a type tool. The users can change the color of the background, clear the board or undo the last operation. The application also has a chat module , so users can communicate with each other.

The whiteboard software is used for tutoring (see Tutorthon.com). The students can create an account on the website and send request to join different courses (Math, English, Geography, etc.). The tutors can schedule lessons and have the option to create new drawing boards and invite users to participate. The lessons (drawings) can be saved for later review.