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Online Forecasting Studio
Online Forecasting Studio is a knowledge-centric Business Planning tool that captures management estimates and company know-how from individuals throughout your organization and merges this knowledge into high-level business models. By combining all of the basic quantitative methods in management with features of spreadsheets, artificial intelligence tools, and math applications Online Forecasting Studio delivers an advanced business modeling system.

Online Forecasting Studio is a graphical modeling tool that allows users to build models in the form of hierarchical trees. The user interface is designed around a Divide and Conquer concept.

This interface not only provides a great way to manage complex problems, it also provides a great deal of visual feedback that makes your model more Open or Transparent to others.

Online Forecasting Studio is also used for extrapolating historical performange data to aid in planning. Corporate planning groups use market forecasts to guide research and development activities and to plan new facilities. Finance and accounting groups use forecasts to estimate future profits and capital requirements. Marketing groups use forecasts to plan promotions and sales strategies.

Online Forecasting Studio uses historical perfomance data, such as sales, and applies a variety of techniques for finding trends and patterns in the data that can be used to predict future performance. Online Forecasting Studio wizard will guide you through all aspects of preparing a forecast.